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Powerful postemergence weed control with more versatility

first-of-its kind Premix herbicide with multiple modes of action

Introducing Katagon, a new postemergence herbicide for targeted control of broadleaf and grass weeds that is safe for use in different types of field corn.

A first-of-its-kind HPPD premix, Katagon provides corn growers with greater flexibility while protecting corn yields from yield-robbing threats caused by resistance.

Katagon’s novel co-formulation of two proven active ingredients delivers top performing broadleaf and grass control, including glyphosate, PPO, triazine and ALS-resistant weed species.

It also provides multiple modes of action with the added benefits of a low use rate, crop safety profile and wide application window.

Safe to use in different types of Field Corn


A new and innovative solution, Katagon offers unmatched performance and greater use conveniences while promoting a cleaner, more profitable finish to the season. 

  • Novel co-formulation of two proven actives
  • Safe to use in different types of field corn
  • Superior weed resistance management tool
  • Convenient low dose formulation

Katagon is designed to give growers the flexibility and freedom to manage emerged weeds across different types of field corn.

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