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Flexibility that fits for early postemergence weed control

Katagon is designed for early to mid-season postemergence applications. It can be use alone or in combination with other approved herbicides. Katagon is most recommended for use with atrazine.

With a wide application window, Katagon can be applied to corn from V1 up to 20-inch tall corn or V5, whichever is most restrictive. 

When used in a tank mix with atrazine, time of application must occur before corn reaches 12-inches in height. 



Katagon is powerful enough for a one-pass postemergence program when supplemented with higher rates of atrazine for enhanced weed control.

In fields where tough-to-manage or resistant weed species are present, growers can use Katagon as part of a two-pass sequential weed control program.

Demonstrating Katagon’s performance versatility, the below images show Katagon as being highly competitive to market leading brands when used in one-pass and two-pass weed control programs.

1-Pass Weed Control Program
Katagon alone OR Katagon + atrazine (post)

Katagon Untreated
Katagon 1 pass
2-Pass Weed Control Program
Fearless® (pre) followed by Katagon + atrazine (post)
Memphis TN. Rates per acre. Katagon applications include MSO @ 1% v/v and UAN @ 2.5% v/v added. Applied to 12”tall corn.
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