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Delivering Better Control for Better Results

Gamma is a non-selective PPO-inhibitor herbicide with a novel active ingredient called Tergeo for directed postemergence applications in grapes. 

In product development trials and regulatory studies, the active ingredient in Gamma has demonstrated high performance ratings in burndown of the most troublesome and resistant broadleaf weeds including filaree, hairy fleabane, mallow and prickly lettuce.

Gamma Chart 10-26-2020


Annual bluegrass, Carpetweed, Chickweed, Crabgrass, Dandelion, Downy brome, Evening primrose, Field bindweed, Filaree, Giant foxtail, Green foxtail, Hairy fleabane, Henbit, Kochia, Lambsquarters, Little barley, Mallow, Marestail, Mayweed chamomile, Morningglory species, Mustard, Nightshade species, Pigweed species, Prickly lettuce, Prickly sida, Prostrate knotweed, Purslane, Ragweed species, Shepherd’s purse, Smartweed, Sowthistle, Velvetleaf, Wild buckwheat, Wild oats, Willowweed


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